A Mama’s Challenge


By:  Betty Predmore

I am reading in Psalm this morning, and I come across a passage that spoke to my heart. Psalm 22:30-31 says Our children will also serve him. Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord. His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born. They will hear about everything he has done.

Wow! Do you know what that means? It means that I, “mama” to my kiddos, have a lot of responsibility! God is amazing and wondrous, He is capable of all things, and He has done so many amazing, wondrous acts of love on our behalf. He also has set forth serious guidelines for our lives, and consequences when we don’t follow them. How do we take all we know about our marvelous God and make sure we don’t skim over anything when sharing with our children? How do we possibly convey the greatness and majesty of our King without missing some aspect? How do we send the message of His love in its completeness?

This challenges me to dig even further into His word. This prods me to plead the Holy Spirit even deeper into my soul. This inspires me to bring His word to life for my kids, and make it something real, fun, and extremely important in their lives. I want my kids to hear about everything He has done. It is my desire that they know the wonders of the Lord. It is my desperate hope that they serve Him.

Mamas, we must do our part. We have to teach our children about Jesus…in word and in action. We have to share of His wonders and words. We need to explain the creation of our world, and unravel the parable of Jesus. We must define the crucifixion and the resurrection. The love and compassion found in the Word should be evident in our lives. The fruits of the spirit should flow through us. We are to be walking testimonies of His great mercy. Doing this…all of this…will teach our children just how great God is, and just how wonderful it is to serve Him.

Are you up for the challenge today?





Give Us Pure Hearts


It amazes me how quickly my kids’ rooms can get to be a mess. They can spend an afternoon cleaning, sorting, and throwing away; and just a few days later, it looks like an F5 tornado landed right in the center of their rooms. Over the span of those few days, they don’t put things back in the proper place or keep things sorted. I feel like I spend at least 50% of my time saying those 4 dreaded words… “Go clean your rooms.” They get frustrated. I get frustrated. We all get frustrated.

Isn’t that the way our hearts can be? We go to God in repentance, get our hearts clean, and are ready to take on the world. But over the course of time, the “stuff” gets in. We forget to put aside those ugly thoughts, we forget to sort out our attitudes, and we forget to toss out our anger, bitterness, or resentment. Before we know it, our hearts are impure and ugly, and in real need of a cleaning.

Just like I believe my children could make a better effort at keeping their rooms clean, I also believe I could do a better job at keeping my heart clean. How about you? Is your heart in need of a good cleaning? God is the master cleaner. His forgiveness sweeps out our dusty places. His love dusts off our surfaces. His compassion mops away our stains.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. (James 4:8)

Oh, and about those messy rooms, I am still praying for patience!


No Disguises


Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain. (Psalm 119:36)

Look around you. You see it everywhere. People who use the platform of the faith for their own personal gain. There are those who profess their beliefs under the guise of bringing glory to God, when in fact, their major aspiration is bringing glory to themselves.

And how easily we can be fooled by their pretenses. How easily we believe that their words of encouragement come from their heart.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

We want to believe them. We are struggling with life problems, feeling hopeless, looking for someone to give us hope. So we look for encouragement. And it is everywhere…television, social media, right in our own churches and communities. On every corner, on every Facebook page, on every website there is someone ready to offer us that mustard seed we so desperately need.

God places many people the position of prophecy, of encouraging and uplifting, of sharing his word to the masses. He gives them incredible insight and wisdom, and He gives them a heart to serve. And when they connect to Him, they are amazing servants who share the gospel with the broken, who offer promise and hope to the hopeless, and who help our mundane and ordinary days seem a little less so. Those are the people we should be seeking out. Those are the ones who we should find our encouragement from. Those are the pages we should “Like” and the people we should “Follow”. Those are the servants whose website we should “Subscribe” to.

The first word of Matthew 7:15 is BEWARE. Be careful about who you seek your wisdom and guidance from. Be mindful of whom you find encouragement and inspiration from. Ask God for wisdom and direction. After all, we should be seeking Him and his word above all else. That should be our main source of guidance and encouragement.

Mom-Sense is here to encourage you. Whether you are a mama or someone looking for mentorship or connection, this ministry is here to serve you, to lead you to the word of God, to offer you encouragement and inspiration, to help you realize you are not alone, and to sometimes make you laugh through your tears.

We are here to represent our Lord and Savior. We are here to help you build your connection to Christ and others. We are here because God sent us here. But don’t take our word for it. Pray about it. Ask God to reveal to you if this group is of Him. Because at the end of the day, it is about Him and YOU…not about us.



Into His Unknown




Change… sometimes we love it and sometimes we don’t. Often times, change is necessary to propel us forward into what God has purposed for our lives. We know He has something great ahead for us, but the change required to make it there is often too frightening, too challenging, or too uncertain. So we sit…stuck where God can’t grow us, because we don’t put our faith in His plans.

As of late, I have found myself in a season of change, and some aspects of it have not been fun. There have been real challenges to accepting and moving through this change. There have been moments of fear, of regret, of pain. God has called me to a place where I have had to put my trust in Him like no other time in my life. I have been called to have the confidence in Him to move forward to where He was calling me, even when I wanted to stay right where I was…because it was easier, it was my normal, it was what was expected of me.

It has taken all of my strength to move out of my familiar into His unknown. I am stepping out in faith, knowing that God is walking right beside me. He is carrying the lamp that will light my way. He is calling me to be bold and confident. He is calling me to expect great things. He is calling me to accept that I am capable of the extraordinary. He is calling me to be fearless.

What is God calling you to do? In what area of your life is He asking you to step out of what is comfortable and familiar, and step into His unknown? Do you trust Him? Do you believe that He will lead you only into goodness and abundance? Is your faith bigger than your fear?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

Be sure of what you hope for. Be convinced of what you have yet to see. Trust Him. His ways are so much bigger than our own. And while it may be hard and you may feel some pain, change – when it is of God – is a good thing. He will stretch you beyond what you thought you could do. He will strengthen you beyond what you could imagine. And He will use you in ways you never thought possible. You need only believe.


Fistbump & Forgiveness

“I don’t think Mom likes me.” These were the words spoken by my 9-year-old daughter to her big sister who was visiting from college. “ Why don’t you think Mom likes you?” was her response. “Because she gets mad at me.” “Why does she get mad at you?” “Because I lie.” And there you have it…a daughter’s confession that stopped me in my tracks.

The 9-year-old has been going through some major story fabricating as of late. Nothing is EVER her fault, she is always quick to blame another culprit (typically the brother just ahead of her on the age spectrum), and can’t seem to keep her stories straight. This has been causing me, her mama, some angst as I wrestle with what to believe and what not to believe, and trying to get her to see that lying is not the way to go. On more than one occasion, I have let me voice get louder than it should, and I have not practiced that Fruit of the Spirit called patience. Fathers (mothers), do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. (Colossians 3:21). My poor daughter was discouraged by me, and that saddened my mama heart.

We go through our days…intent on getting our “to-do” list accomplished, intent on achieving in the workplace, intent on making sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. We are intent on teaching our kids to have good values and a strong moral fiber, loving Jesus and following his word. The question I find myself asking is…as intent as we are on teaching them right from wrong, are we just as intent on showing them grace and teaching them about forgiveness?

I had been so focused on the lies, that I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture of what I could teach my child:

#1 – That my love for her was bigger than any lie she could tell.
#2 – That making mistakes is okay. We just need to be honest about them.

So I had a talk with this precious child. I assured her that I like her, regardless of her misbehavior. And I explained to her that the truth is always better than a lie. I might get upset about something she does wrong, but I get far more upset about the lie. So we made a deal, sealed with a fistbump, that I would work on not getting so angry if she would work on being more honest. And like He always is, God was listening to that conversation. Right away, He challenged me to live up to my promise. We had only been home a few minutes when I noticed something had happened in the microwave causing a huge mess. I questioned her about it and I could see the little wheels turning in her head. To lie or to tell the truth…that was the question. Would mama really do what she promised? (After all, we fistbumped and everything, so that must mean she would.). I patiently waited for an answer as I watched her struggle within herself. Then, miracle of miracles, she confessed to making the mess.

Now it was my turn to struggle. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says, No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. I was tempted to get angry. I was tempted to revert back to my old way of handling situations. But I wasn’t tempted to the point that I couldn’t respond differently. God gave me a way out. He gave me an opportunity to react in a way that solidified the promise I had made to her earlier. He gave me a way out that demonstrated love and grace. He gave me a way out that honored that ceremonial fistbump. I looked at that darling girl, and I smiled. I told her that accidents happen and we laughed about it. I saw her sigh of relief as she came to the realization that owning up to your mistakes isn’t as bad as it sounds. As for me, I was so relieved to hear her answer honestly. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. (3 John 1:4)

I hope and pray that this is a lesson she will carry throughout her life. I know I will. We try so hard to teach our children, and then we are amazed when they, in turn, teach us so much. When you are walking through the uncertainties of motherhood, when you are struggling with negative behaviors in your children, it can seem so difficult and so frustrating. But our God is so much bigger than all of the frustration and all the difficulties. He will use those moments to teach us…about our children and about ourselves.

What is God teaching you today? How is He using your children to mold you and shape you into who He desires you to be? Are you in need of a fistbump moment with your child…a moment where you can come to an agreement on a situation and find your middle ground? Let God guide you to and through those moments. Trust Him to give you opportunities to demonstrate love and grace to your children, and by doing so, teaching them valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. Continue reading “Fistbump & Forgiveness”


Hi Everyone!!  I want to thank you all for subscribing to my blog. It means so much to me to have your support and encouragement. I wanted to let you know that I just created a new Facebook page and I would like to invite all of you to check it out and “Like” it.

I am looking forward to continuing this motherhood journey together with all of you as we work to support and encourage one another.

May God richly bless each of you!

Joyfully His,

Betty Predmore



Eight Years


57C49993-2D63-490D-9BB0-4D932103E39B.pngToday marks a special anniversary in our family. Eight years ago today, just six weeks after we received two sweet little boys into our home, they had their first play date with their baby sister. They had never spent the day together, as they had been in different foster homes in different cities. In the past, the two boys had occasion to spend time together and knew each other well enough to know they were brothers. But this baby sister was a whole new idea to them. By this time they were quite comfortable in our house, and they were very excited to meet this little girl.

I remember that day so well. We loaded the two younger ones into the stroller and walked several blocks to the park where we played on the equipment and the swings. I took turns pushing the two-year-old and the one-year-old. The boys were rambunctious as always, but this sweet little girl was as quiet as could be. I captured this picture on the couch during a lulll in their playtime.

It was only a matter of weeks until this little angel was also residing in our home. This quiet little baby has become one of the most outgoing little girls I have ever seen. She is loved by many. And those boys…they continue to grow and transform, and never cease to amaze me.

What a beautiful thing adoption is. What an awesome opportunity to share the love of Jesus. What an incredible way to live out our lives. I am forever grateful…to God for bringing them to us, and to them for loving us with all their hearts. Eight years have passed but we look forward to a lifetime of fun and laughter, cuddles and hugs, tickles and giggles, and growing up together.
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Baby Rodriguez Series: Sharing the Happy News

Today we are continuing with Alison’s journey through infertility…


Baby Rodriguez LogoAfter I found out I was pregnant in late April 2017, I wanted to tell everyone right away! I read a blog from a couple who suffered multiple miscarriages, and they told extended family immediately after finding out they were pregnant. Their philosophy was that they didn’t know God’s plan for each of their babies, and wanted to celebrate their life every day possible. That stuck with me so strongly. Now having had a miscarriage myself, that will also be my philosophy if God blesses us with another baby.

We wanted to tell as many of our family and friends as we could in person. They had all come alongside us in our infertility journey… praying for us, crying with us, and giving lots of hugs and advice. We wanted to see their reaction and enjoy this with them.

Nine short days after finding out we were going to be…

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