spiritual Growth

Drop Your Bags and Run

Do you ever find yourself wanting to move forward but being stuck in the past?

There is so much in our lives that can hold us back, if we let it…past hurts, doubts, and fears that come at us from every angle, slinking their way into our hearts and keeping us from moving towards all God has for us.

Sometimes we think we’ve got them beat, so we forge on, only to find we have brought a little (or a lot) of our old baggage with us.

It doesn’t take much to bring it all back to the surface…a word, a look, a specific incident and there we are again, right back in the same old mess!

God wants us to break free from the things that hold us back. He wants us to look towards all the bright tomorrow’s he has layed out before us.

Our Father wants us to experience every new blessing, every moment of sweetness and joy. And he wants us to do so with arms wide open, not with hands that are holding on to the messes of the past.

Drop your old baggage and run!

Run straight to the loving arms of Jesus!

He’s got some really awesome stuff just waiting for you‼

Come on Ladies of Virtue…we’ve got this! We can do ALL things through Christ who gives us strength!

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