Betty Predmore is a writer, blogger, speaker, and ministry leader who spends her days encouraging other women through the Word of God.  Betty is Founder of Mom-Sense, Inc. which is a non-profit ministry dedicated to connection and mentorship, helping women find their help and their hope in Jesus Christ.

Betty loves to speak at events, sharing the love of Jesus with other women,  mostly through practical life application, sprinkled with a few laughs, sharing just how awesome and faithful God has been in her own life.  She enjoys sharing her blogs on social media as a way of reaching out to women whom she might not meet otherwise. 

Social media has given her a platform to reach so much farther than her feet could take her.  Through her websites: http://bettypredmore.com and https://www.momsenseinc.org/, and her other social media avenues:  Facebook page Betty Predmore – Author, Speaker & Founder of Mom-Sense and Facebook group Mom-Sense, Instragram @betty.momsense, and Twitter @BettyPredmore, Betty relishes in sharing God’s word in an honest, sometimes hard, sometimes hilarious, way in an effort to help other women realize they are not alone on this life journey.  Betty is a strong believer in community service. 

While she loves to serve in community and ministry, her greatest blessing comes from being wife to Jim and “mama”” to her big brood of blended and adopted children who bring joy and laughter, and a few tears, to her days.

Ladies…it is on my heart to have a place where encouragement can be found for our mama hearts that sometimes get weary, often times are elated, and every emotion in between.  Being a mama is a journey that is best if not walked alone, so let’s join together to encourage and inspire each other along the way!  Be sure to share with other mamas that you think might need a bit of uplifting.  Praying blessings over each of you!

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