Blessed Traditions


By:  Betty Predmore
Often times, we create memories and traditions without even thinking about it. Today was one of those such days. My daughter came over to “hang out” with me. Translation…she was ready to put out our Fall decorations. This is something she loves doing with me…decorating the house for a holiday. According to her, it is one of her “favorite things to do with her mama.” I gave her reign over the big farm table and she created a beautiful work of art. She followed that by decorating my side table. Lucky me…she allowed me to decorate the fireplace mantle. We talked and laughed and had a wonderful day.

She is always there to help me decorate. Every Fall and every Christmastime, we do it together. Oh, how thankful I am for these traditions. How grateful I am for the beautiful memories that will stay in her heart long after I am gone. How blessed it is to revisit these traditions year after year.

So tonight, I am thankful. I am thankful that God gave me this precious child. I am thankful for this day spent together. I am filled with gratitude for another season of thanks….and a daughter to share it with.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


Blessed Opportunity


By:  Betty Predmore

By loving, obeying, and having a reverence for the Lord, we are setting ourselves up for blessings, for prosperity in our lives.

Even better is the fact that we are creating that for our children. The Lord will direct our paths straight into abundance if we let him…if we listen to his prompting.

We have an incredible, blessed, vital opportunity to raise our children in reverence and love for Jesus.

We have this one life with our kids and this one chance to lead them towards that prosperity that can only come from Christ.

Keep your eyes on the path that He has set before you. Keep obedience in your heart and in your mind.

Seek Him, follow Him, and allow Him to bless you and your children far beyond what you can imagine.