A Giving Spirit


By:  Betty Predmore

This little guy has such a special heart! He won a bike at Boys & Girls Club last week. He was so excited to win because he wanted to give it to his brother, whose bike was broken. I explained to him that the bike was too small for his brother. So he keep it for himself. He rode it for 2 days until this past Saturday, when our church held our annual Giveaway. 6 bikes were raffled off to children in need. When the final bike was raffled, my sweet boy got his brand new bike and raffled it. He handed that bike over with a smile on his face, and I was so proud of him for his generous heart. He bagged produce, carried boxes, and help serve soup that morning as well. My prayer is that God continues to move in his heart, continues to help him consider others above himself, continues to give him a heart to serve, and continues to give him such a sweet, sweet spirit. I thank God each and every day for bringing this child into my home and my life! #adoptionrocks

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