To My Husband

Alison shares about the one closest yo her, that is traveling this journey with her…

Slightly Outnumbered

You know, I didn’t dream much about my future husband as a little girl. All I knew is that I wanted and needed to share my life with someone who I could laugh with daily. And I certainly didn’t think that I would find him so early in life.

But my husband is the perfect example of how God knows exactly what you need before you do. God knew that infertility and miscarriage was to be part of our life journey, and he knew just who I would need to survive this season of life. And when I think back to how we met, I can’t help but smile at God’s plan and timing… Steven and I met, because my best friend attended UC Riverside – a university she did not even apply to, but was accepted! – and I happened to visit her the same week Steven moved into…

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