Living Childproof but Childless

The next chapter in the journey of Alison and Steven…

Slightly Outnumbered

We had our adoption pre-licensing home visit on June 23, 2017. As we walked into the children’s room, the analyst looked around and checked items off her list. Age-appropriate bed? Check. Adequate linens and bedding? Check. Ample drawer and closet space? Check. Fire Detector? Check. Adequate lighting and window coverings? Check.

She then turned to us, and asked, “Do you have toys for the children?” My husband and I quickly looked at one another, each trying to disguise our bewildered expression. I responded, “We planned to buy toys after we’ve been placed with the child, and know their age and gender, likes and dislikes.” She recommended that we have some toys in our house now, so that we are prepared for an immediate placement.

We continued throughout our walkthrough, relieved and excited with everything she was able to check off the requirements list. Overall, the visit went very well, and…

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