Grieving our Miscarriage During Adoption

And the story continues…as Alison shares her thoughts on her journey through infertility and adoption.

Slightly Outnumbered

Today, I had planned to share a post about the day I was diagnosed with PCOS.

But I had a very rough week emotionally, and instead, wanted to be real with you all about what it is like to grieve a miscarriage while in the process of adopting.

I’ll share separate detailed posts about our adoption journey, our miscarriage, and all the bits in between, but for the sake of timeline, we lost our baby the evening of May 14, 2017. In case that date does not ring a bell… it was Mother’s Day. 

We always wanted adoption to be part of our family journey, but had planned for it to bring us little one #2. But as you can see, our family journey is nothing like we planned, so after a couple years of not getting pregnant, we accepted this and began the adoption process.

So here we are:…

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