You Go Left and I’ll Go Right


By: Diana Manley Rockwell

Read Genesis 13: 6-9
For a while we fostered my cousin’s son Aaron who was a year younger than my son Dale. The antics that they would get into often riddled my brain and tested my patience. One day Dale and Aaron came running into the kitchen and Dale had a bb lodged into his hand between his index finger and his long finger. I questioned how this happened and off to the Emergency Room we went. We explained to the doctor the story about the ricochet of the bb.
We read in Genesis 13 about a time when an uncle and nephew lived together. Abraham had left Egypt and returned to Negev. He was very rich, loaded with cattle, silver and gold. He then moved on from Negev to Bethel and while camping at Bethel, Abram prayed to God for a solution, as there was much fighting among his nephew and the cousins. Lot was also traveling with Abraham and he had many sheep and cattle. The problem was the land couldn’t support both of them, so there were fights among everyone.
Many fights were breaking out. Have you experienced fighting in your family? We just recently lost my mother-in-law and there were some tense times when it came to settling the estate. Perhaps, you are at odds with your family now. How can you come to a peaceful solution?
Abraham said to Lot, “Let’s not fight, if you go left, I’ll go right.” Lot looked and saw the whole plain of the Jordan as we read in Genesis 13:10-11 and he made the decision to take this portion of land because it was well watered like the Garden of Eden.
Abraham separated from Lot. Abraham went to Canaan and Lot settled in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent near Sodom.
Beloved, sometimes it is not as easy as this and so we find ourselves in our prayer closet crying out to God for his mercy and grace. Perhaps you have received the short end of the stick. Even so, we have to walk in forgiveness. Walking in forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. Abraham and Lot made the choice to reconcile. It takes two to reconcile. Forgiveness is between you and God and is commanded by God. Reconciliation may occur as a byproduct but it may not occur.
Beloved, the truth finally came out about the bb in Dale’s hand and the truth always wins. Dale willingly held the can for Aaron to shoot at for target practice.
Truth will win, even if there is no monumental pay back from the person that has hurt you. Remember Abraham’s wisdom, “If you go left, I’ll go right.”
Daily Challenge: Listen to Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin


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