Hodgepodge of Hearts


By: Betty Predmore

Today is a sweet and special day in our family..a day of celebration. Today we count our blessings as we remember how special the last seven years have been for all of us. This is an anniversary of sorts. Seven years ago today, two little boys….one 6 years and one day old and the other two and a half….walked into the door of our home and became ours. (Their baby sister came 6 weeks later). I till remember waiting, looking out the window and watching for the social worker to pull up with these two little boys who were brothers but had not been able to live together. They finally arrived and we were so excited. In walks these two little guys, not looking at all like we had imagined, and they took over our house and our hearts. They added to our beautifully blended (his three and my four) family in just the perfect way. They were, along with their baby sister, the finishing touch on our big brood of siblings and they have definitely made our lives and our hearts complete.

What a joy it is to be their mama. What a gift it is to teach them about Jesus and watch their love for Him grow. What a blessing it is to be loved by these little people who went without love for so long. What an honor to provide the security and structure that they so desperately needed. What a treasure to be a part of this hodpodge of hearts that makes up this family.

Today I celebrate with joy and gratitude. Today I say “Thank You Jesus” for this undeserved gift. Today I watch in joy as my children love and celebrate each other. Today I am reminded that “family” doesn’t always mean bloodlines. Sometimes it is the heart lines, the ties that bind us together through love, respect, and a commitment to each other. “ Nurture” trumps “nature” in this house….this house that God built and this family that He put together.

1 thought on “Hodgepodge of Hearts”

  1. I love reading about families that successfully blended like this. It encourages me as I realize it is possible to balance biological and adopted children. I know it probably sounds silly, but I always find myself questioning, “What if I would treat the adopted children differently? I don’t think I would, but what if I am THAT PERSON?” Even while we were engaged, my husband and I talked about one day adopting. It’s a recurring subject, which leads me to believe that my doubts are really just a Spiritual attack to steer me away from the subject.


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