The Importance of Worship


By: Diane Rockwell

Singing in the car is something I have always done since I was a child hearing my parents sing. I then modeled this for my children, and then one day for my grandson Seth. My husband and I were babysitting and had him in our Ford truck. He was approximately four-years-old. I said, “Seth, let me teach you a song, ‘Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.’” Before I could go on to the next line he said, “Grandma, I have a song.”
Music is important in our spiritual walk. We have praise music, choir music, spiritual music, and hymns. King David wrote many of the Psalms and much was set to music. Psalm 100:4 is an example of a song. I have sang it many times, “I will enter his gates with Thanksgiving in my heart. I will enter His courts with praise. I will say this is the day that the Lord had made. I will rejoice for He has made me glad. (He has made me glad, He has made me glad, I will rejoice for He has made me glad)”
Our church worship service centerpiece is music. Worship brings to mind our worth. We are worthy because God declares us worthy. Music gives the Holy Spirit a chance to work in our hearts to prime our hearts and to speak to our spirits. Do you meditate with music playing in the background? Perhaps you listen to the song Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli or music by Michael W. Smith?
I listen to music as part of my quiet time or devotional time. Do you call your time with the Lord devotions or quiet time? I have a journal named the quiet heart, a place to record my prayers. I spend time reading God’s word during this quiet time, recording my prayers, listening and singing my praise music back to the Lord. Ingredients: a bible, a journal, music CD player, purple pen (Optional I write my prayers and praise to God in purple.)
So I said to Seth, “Seth, what is your song?” Seth sang, “We will, we will rock you, we will, we will rock you.” O my, I had to stop and hold back the snickers and say “Seth, the song is, ‘Jesus, Jesus loves you!’”
Beloved, do you have a regularly devotional time? Do you use every opportunity to teach your family about Jesus? This year my goal is to read through the bible using a chronological bible. What are your spiritual goals?

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