He is Watching

imageBy:  Betty Predmore

Have you ever told your children to watch out because Mama has eyes in the back of her head? Or that everywhere they go, and everything they do, you will find out? How about this one… “I may not see you, but God will, and He will know if you are being bad.” Most of us have used those words, or similar ones, in an effort to get our children to behave, do what is right, and stay safe. There is just something about the idea of someone in authority seeing our bad behavior that makes us think twice.

Proverbs 15:3 reminds us, “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” That applies to our children. But guess what, my sweet mamas? It applies to us as well! God is everywhere. He is watching. He sees you when you lose your patience with your child. He sees you when you roll through that stop sign. He sees you when you pass that hungry beggar on the street. He sees you when you inwardly groan as your “not so favorite” someone approaches you. He sees you in your anger. He gets a ring-side seat to your gossip. He is there when you are feeling hopeless, discouraged , or inadequate. He sees it all.

But the good news is, that He sees it ALL! So He also sees the love and nurturing you pour out on your children. He is aware of your compassion for others. He notices each and every time you share the love of Christ with someone who needs to hear. He has his eyes on you as you speak life into others, bring laughter into sad hearts, and share a smile. He is watching in your times of complete obedience to His word. He is right there with his eyes open as you teach your children about Jesus, show them right from wrong, and guide them through their struggles. He is there as you share the blessing of your time, your energy, and your joy.

“”The eyes of the Lord are everywhere.” He is watching us, mamas. He is watching us just like we are watching our children. That is what a Father does.

4 thoughts on “He is Watching”

  1. You’re right! He does see it all. I think many of us mothers often feel like we’re doing an inadequate job at mothering so thank you for reminding us He’s also seeing the good!


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