Invite Jesus to Join You

imageBy:  Diana Rockwell

Roller skating with Randy my oldest son, we live at the top of a cul-de-sac at the top of a steep hill. Our drive way has a good size parking area in front of the garage. Dale, my five-years-old, decides to ride his skate board and not his roller skates. The mail box at the bottom of our driveway: the rule to stop the skateboard and come back up to the top of the driveway and start over. Randy shows his skating ability and skates to the bottom, and Dale races him several times. Giggling we share such a fun time until Dale picks up his feet and at the mail box he gives himself another push and down the hill he goes. Oh No! What’s a mom to do,? I’m in skates and he is flying down the hill in danger! I am scared to death something is going to happen to my son.
Jesus sends the disciples off in a boat, there’s much wind and Peter takes his eyes off Jesus in Matthew 14. They had witnessed the feeding of the five thousand, they had picked up the left over bread and filled twelve baskets. They are scared. The disciples were reluctant to participate in this miracle. If you remember this story, the people following Jesus, Jesus saw the people and had compassion on them. The disciples wanted to just let them go to their homes, but Jesus said, “No way! What resources do we have?” One little boy came prepared with his lunch. Five loaves of bread, two fishes.” Beloved, these were not huge mackerel fish. They were small fish like trout. Jesus had a plan. He has them sit down and He prays, blesses the food and the food feeds more than the five thousand because there were women and children.
But the disciples still did not understand the miracle of feeding of the five thousand, so when Jesus comes walking to them in the windy night they think he is a ghost, they are afraid. Peter gets out of the boat to walk to Jesus on the water but he takes his eyes off Jesus and he sinks. The disciples needed to invite Jesus in the boat, then they begin to absorb and recognize Jesus for who he as the Son of God.
Praying for Dale’s safety and struggling to get my roller skates off, Randy had his off, he is three-years-older than Dale and he ran down the hill ahead of me. Dale managed to make it down the hill without being hit by a car. Of course, I’m relieved that Dale is safe hugs and kisses came before the lecture.
Beloved, what problem do you need to invite Jesus to join you? Are you a single mom raising your children on your own? Are you struggling in your marriage? Are you raising a special needs child?
Father God, let us never forget to include you in our struggles. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Diana Rockwell

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