The Art of Silence

By:  Nicole Espino

Both my husband and I are deep thinkers, I guess that comes with being introverted by nature, me more so than my husband. But my oldest son on the other hand is more of an extrovert and he loves to talk! Along with this comes a tendency to pass by the opportunity to really contemplate deeper issues. He moves from one thing to the next without batting an eyelash. This can be difficult for us as parents to have our son really learn and take to heart lessons that we try and teach him. Often when we correct a behavior, he shows some remorse, then 5 seconds later he’s telling me about some super hero that can walk through walls.

The Lord revealed to me my own heart and how often I want to move on from situations that are difficult and cause remorse. We as Christians don’t like to dwell on our mistakes, we quickly move on and often forget the lesson God was teaching us. Sometimes we must stay silent in those times of correction so the Lord can break us and guide us to true repentance.

So, I decided instead of getting angry at my son, I would enforce a no talking rule after a time of correction, a 30 minute talking restriction in hopes that it will quiet my son’s spirit enough for him to focus on what he did that needs changing. Now this, I’m sure, won’t work for everyone, but I can easily see in scripture how God desires us to do the same. I encourage us as Mom’s and Dad’s to learn the art of silence in times of correction and ask God to help us mirror that for our children.

Psalm 46:10a Be still, and know that I am God.

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