Puzzle Pieces

By:  Betty Predmorepuzzle-pieces

My family enjoys putting puzzles together. We will pick one out that appeals to us, spread it out in the family room, and sit around the table putting it together. We get really territorial about our “sections” and really competitive about who can out the most pieces together. We will literally spend hours staring at that puzzle, fitting pieces together, and looking for the missing pieces. Sometimes, the kids will get discouraged and want to give up before the picture is complete. My husband and I have to encourage them to keep at it. We tell them that if they keep focusing in the puzzle, they will find the pieces that fit just right.

This makes me think of our lives. We spend some much time putting the pieces of our lives together… our homes, our careers, our families, our friends, and so on. We are trying to fit it all in this nice little box, and sometimes it just doesn’t fit. We get discouraged and give up. We walk away without looking to God for some direction and wisdom.

We can be just like that discouraged child….frustrated with the way things don’t fit as we would like them to. What happened to perseverance? Where did our patience go? What about prayer? How about going to God’s word? And remember, our children are watching. They are getting a ringside seat as to how we handle disappointments and frustrations. They are learning by our actions.

What are you teaching your children? Are they learning to hold fast and put some effort into finding the pieces that fit? Or are they learning to give up when they get discouraged, and walk away from what could become a beautiful picture of God’s handiwork? Are you giving them encouragement in their times of frustration or when they feel inadequate?

Lord, help us to seek you in our times of frustration. Help us to call out to you for guidance when things are not fitting together for us. Help us, Lord, to remember that the eyes of our children are ever watchful. Help us to always remember to encourage them to keep their focus on you. Give us the perseverance to push on through the tough times towards the beautiful picture you have fashioned for our lives. ~ Amen.

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