Meet the Writing Team


Betty Predmore

Betty Predmore is a writer, blogger, speaker, and ministry leader who spends her days encouraging other women through the Word of God.  She is Co-Founder of the Women of Virtue Empowerment Network (WOVEN), which is a faith-based non-profit organization created for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging women to find their help and their hope in Jesus Christ. Betty loves to speak at events, sharing the love of Jesus with other women,  mostly through practical life application, sprinkled with a few laughs, sharing just how awesome and faithful God has been in her own life.  She enjoys sharing her blogs on social media as a way of reaching out to women whom she might not meet otherwise.  Social media has given her a platform to reach so much farther than her feet could take her.  Through her website and her other social media avenues:  Facebook page Grace and Virtue Betty Predmore and Facebook group Mom-Sense, Instragram @bettypredmore, and Twitter @BettyPredmore, Betty relishes in sharing God’s word in an honest, sometimes hard, sometimes hilarious, way in an effort to help other women realize they are not alone on this life journey.  Betty is a strong believer in community service.  While she loves to serve in community and ministry, her greatest blessing comes from being wife to Jim and “mama”” to her big brood of blended and adopted children who bring joy and laughter, and a few tears, to her days.


Rachelle Craig

My name is Rachelle Craig. I am married to an amazing man who loves God! We have been married a little over 10 years, and have been through more than most people go through in a lifetime. We live in Central Ohio, we have 5 grown children between us, and 9 grandchildren.

I was not raised in what you would call a “Christian home,” and didn’t come to Christ until I was in my 40’s. If you ask me today, I will tell you that is one of my biggest regrets in life, along with the fact that I did not raise my own children in a “Christian home.” I strongly encourage people today to turn to Jesus, and the younger, the better. One thing that warms my heart is seeing the youth at my church proudly proclaiming their love for the Lord.

I have never been one to be real transparent with my life, have always had a huge fear of public speaking or speaking to more than a few people at a time, especially when it comes to my past, or anything to do with me. I definitely never thought I would be doing a blog or sharing my story anywhere other than with close friends and family. A few months ago I joined an online Bible Study. It was during that time that I began feeling a little nudge. I wasn’t sure, but thought maybe God wanted my attention. I began praying, and asking God how I could use my own past for His purpose, to bring glory and joy to His name. I asked Him how I could be of service, and to lead me. I asked Him to please not let me miss out on anything He wanted me to do, to make me aware of His desires for me. A few weeks later my husband and I were approached by a youth leader at church, he asked if we would be willing to share our testimonies with the Sr. High youth. My husband is very outgoing, and can talk to anyone, and any amount of people, he instantly said “sure,” I did not want to say yes, I hesitated, and was shocked to hear the word yes come from my own mouth. Even the youth leader was shocked, he looked at me and said, “really?” So 2 weeks later through many butterflies, much praying, and frazzled nerves, we were in front of about 30 youth telling our stories. So, God had even more in store, once the word got out, (and we go to a church with an attendance of between 450 to 500 per week,) our own Sunday School teacher asked us to give our testimonies to our class. Of course I had to say yes! Again, a couple of weeks later, I found myself looking at 40 to 45 adults, telling my story. I remember being so nervous, I even emailed the author of the book that I was doing the Bible Study on and her words of wisdom were amazing. She reminded me to pray and ask God to place His words in my mouth, she reminded me that through Him, I can do anything, and to remember that if God brought me to it, He would bring me through it. And boy did He! We have had so many people in our church tell us they have heard of our stories, that they want to hear it too, our pastor is trying to have us tell it to the church, and he knows my fears of speaking. Actually, the thought doesn’t really scare me at all anymore. If you would have asked me even 2 months ago to get on stage in front of the whole church and speak, well, we all know I would have said something like, “are you crazy?” So I know that God is taking my fear and using it for His glory! We will see what happens. So for these reasons, I have been inspired and encouraged by a few women that I have met through online Bible Studies to do this blog. It is my hearts desire to help other women know that they are not alone, that they can find Hope in Christ, and that no matter what they have done, NOTHING can stop Jesus from opening His arms to them. I want to share the goodness He has done in my life, the distance He has carried me, and that no matter how many times I mess up, He will never stop loving me, or turn away from me. I plan to share and hope to encourage others to share as well.


Diana Rockwell

Hi I am Diana Manley Rockwell. I love Jesus. My testimony is from Psalm 103: 2-4 Praise the Lord… who forgives all (my) sins and heals all (my) diseases, who redeems (my) life from the pit and crowns (me) with love and compassion. I am a daughter, my father Troy is a pastor. I am married to my high school sweet heart Doug, I have two married sons Randy and Dale, two amazing daughter-in-law’s Rayann and JoAnna. Six grandchildren Christian, Seth, Ethan, Hunter, Sabrina, and Emerson. I am a nearing retirement as a Hospital Case Manager working as a nurse utilizing compassion daily. I am a blogger and recently started calling myself a writer. My blog is Redeemed By Christ…Living Free. I volunteer at Proverbs 31 ministry as a small group bible study leader. In my spare time I sew, walk, and love to read. I have been on two mission trips, one to Israel and one to Hungary. Teaching children and adult women bible studies in the past, including being a Bible Study Fellowship Discussion Leader, gave me a solid bible appreciation. Last but not least, I have a faithful writing companion. She is a West-Highland Terrier named Tory, and she proof reads my work, so if there are any mistakes please blame her.



My name is Nicole Espino, and I was born in El Paso, TX but was raised most of my childhood in Corona, CA. I grew up in a Christian home and gave my heart and life to JESUS at a young age. I received a calling upon my life in Jr. High to serve in ministry which I really didn’t fully understand at the time. I attended Bible College and met my husband Jeremy and we both began our lives together serving JESUS through leading worship and church planting. We moved around quite a bit, led worship at church’s in Virginia, San Diego, and Kansas. We now serve at a local church here in Imperial Valley. My husband was ordained our church’s youth Pastor and we both currently serve in several areas in Ministry.

We have two boys 10 and 8 years old and we have a baby girl on the way. My 8 year old son was born with hearing loss and also has Autism. It has been a difficult road, yet God has used every moment in our lives to draw us to Him. I wouldn’t change a thing!



Bethany Douglas

I am a thirty-something mom of 3 beautiful kids, 2 little boys and a baby daughter with some designer genes. I love Jesus, my husband, and my family with all my heart. I am a flight nurse by day, an author by night, and a mom, sister, daughter, and friend during the in-between times. Our family lives in southwest Missouri where I homeschool the kids. We get to spend our summers at Camp Barnabas (a christian camp for mentally and physically disabled children) where I’m the medical director. We have a pretty amazing church family that we adore and who bless our socks off regularly. I still don’t know what exactly I want to be when I grow up- for right now, God’s leading me into a speaking/writing ministry. But more than anything I yearn to glorify God in whatever He has for me and in what He asks of me. Stay tuned for my upcoming book, The Complete Helicopter Mom, launching Spring 2017.




Audrey Huck: Bio
Born into a family of nine children, Audrey grew up dreaming of becoming a wife and mother. Today, she is blessed to stay home with her two children, while also working from home as a writer and educator. Audrey feels blessed to focus her energies on raising her own “little people” while also using the professional skills and talents that God has blessed her with. She loves all things Jane Austen, journaling, and like all of us is doing her best to obtain that heavenly goal. For more pieces by Audrey, please visit her blog:


Lauren Moye
Lauren Moye is a Christian, wife, mother, and writer. You can find her at Chaotic Life of Lauren where she helps busy Christian moms manage life with posts like ‘8 Strategies to Help You Conquer Your To-Do List Stress’ When she’s not blogging or chasing her toddler out of the bathroom, you can find her tripping over the cat. She also aspires to be a fiction author one day. You can connect with Lauren either through her blog or her Facebook page .